It's So Crazy, It's Criminal

2024 FREE Tuition Contest


Welcome to the Podcast Contest: Where true crime enthusiasts become heroes in the fight for justice! 

Join us in an unprecedented opportunity to make a tangible impact on the world of forensic genetic genealogy. 

By participating in our podcast contest, you're not just creating captivating content - you're helping to solve real-life mysteries and bring closure to families.

Here's how it works: Create a podcast episode individually or with your team, and you could win free tuition valued at $9,997 for our prestigious Forensic Genetic Genealogy Certificate program. Your episode will be voted on by our community, and the winner takes home this incredible prize.

Why participate? Because your efforts directly support our mission to provide vital forensic genetic genealogy services to underfunded police agencies across the U.S. With over 14,600 unidentified human remains cases waiting to be solved, every donation, every podcast episode, and every sponsor makes a difference.

But that's not all! You can also contribute by randomly donating money, purchasing exclusive items, participating in our auction, or snagging limited edition merchandise. It's a chance to indulge your passion for true crime while making a meaningful impact on the world. No purchase needed to enter.

So, gather your investigative spirit, rally your team, and join us in the It's So Crazy It's Criminal Podcast Contest. Together, let's turn curiosity into action, and stories into solutions. The next breakthrough could be yours!