Become A National Certified Genetic Genealogist (NCGG)

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Make A Difference In Someone's Life Story!

Congratulations on your decision to learn or improve your skills in Genetic Genealogy and become a National Certified Genetic Genealogist (TM). With the advances in DNA, there are many opportunities to learn and give back. 

We are experiencing an unprecedented need in law enforcement for Forensic Genetic Genealogy to locate unknown suspects (UNSUBS) or identify deceased persons and unidentified human remains (UHR). 

Too, we are also in need of Genetic Genealogists for Biological Family searches, such in the cases of NPE Father searches(Not/Non Parent Expected) and Adoption (Adoptees) looking for their birth mother, birth father or other biological relatives and DNA family.

We created the National Certified Genetic Genealogist (NCGG) program to recognize, acknowledge, and certify the Nation’s best professional genetic genealogists. These professionals display the “best practices” in genetic genealogy /forensic genetic genealogy by meeting established standards, being highly recommended by other NCGG professionals and by maintaining their genetic genealogy acumen by completing continuing professional education course work on a prescribed annual basis. 

This program is open to anyone who wishes to practice as a genetic genealogist at the National Certified Genetic Genealogist level. This may include our police officers, peace officers, sheriff's deputies, law enforcement analysts, and crime lab personnel for the law enforcement function and also our civilians who wish to pursue support positions assisting police agencies or those who wish to help our ever growing population who have received DNA results and are seeking biological family such as father, mother, siblings or other relatives. It also may include academic instructors, private trainers, and others interested in improving law enforcement training and individual genetic genealogy skill sets.

What are the benefits of becoming a National Certified Genetic Genealogist?

The benefits of being a member of this elite professional group include:

  • Receive an Identification card with the NCGG seal documenting your National Genetic Genealogist status and expiration date

  • Receive a NCGG certificate, suitable for framing

  • Post your picture and biographical information on your Nationally Certified Genetic Genealogist directory with links back to your experience and contact information

  • Receive access to NCGG's  learning hub with initial and ongoing training, member discussions, etc.

  • Use the NCGG Nationally Certified Genetic Genealogist Program acronym on your business cards, letterhead, etc. Example: John Q. Public, NCGG

  • Receive "Charter member" status designated on your ID card  when you are one of our first 100 members

  • Some states are instituting certification or licensing standards to be able to perform genetic genealogy work in situations. We want you to be able to exceed these standards

What are the requirements to become an NCGG National Certified Genetic Genealogist?

NCGG has established these requirements for those interested in becoming nationally recognized and certified:

  • Complete the NCGG Application. 

  • Submit a current résumé outlining your specific genetic genealogy experience indicating more than three (3) years of genetic genealogy experience. If you do not have this experience, you may qualify to satisfy this requirement with our Professional Genetic Genealogy Course (see link at right) or any other comparable approved course of study.

  • Submit your NCGG member endorsement or THREE (3) letters of recommendation from clients or past instructors attesting to your skills and abilities as a genetic genealogist who will be contacted during our application review

  • Submit a completion certificate from a recognized genetic genealogy approved curriculum program

  • Submit your $150 annual National Certified Genetic Genealogist Fee. 

  • This Certification is valid for 12 months from initial certification and must be renewed annually including the renewal fee and verification of approved required Continuing Education (CE) hours

To renew:

  • Complete renewal application

  • Submit $125 annual renewal fee.  

  • Every year, each National Certified Genetic Genealogist must complete TEN (10) hours of genetic genealogy training/development continuing education to maintain certification. These training hours can come from attending conferences, and from attending other training related to genetic genealogy. Instructor Signature hardcopy Certificates of Attendance are required

NCGG members who recertify will receive an updated NCGG certificate (suitable for framing) and membership card.

Who can I contact for more information?

Please reach out to us on our Contact Us page - we are excited to speak with you!

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