Forensic Genetic Genealogist

The Forensic Genetic Genealogy Certificate Program allows you to pursue your passion for helping others without a science background, a big degree or industry connections.



Does This Sound Like You?

You have been doing Genealogy forever and now you want to harness the power of DNA. Maybe you've been a Search Angel or helped family and know you can do more! And, you'd love to do this full-time!

  • Do you feel may not have the skills?
  • Does it seem...Genetic Genealogy as a career is only open to some people?
  • Are you frustrated seems to require big degrees?
  • And when it comes down to it, do you...just need help putting it in place?

You're in the right place, because the Forensic Genetic Genealogy Certificate Program gives you the skills, accepts all, is prerequisite free, and includes everything you need!

Join our students and graduates from diverse backgrounds like stay at home moms, military, legal assistant, doctor, teacher, retail associate, police officer, missionary, editor, and more!

When You Enroll You Receive

Real World Competency Skills Developed Through Six Practical Assignments:

  • Harnessing The Power Of Tree Building Software
  • Genealogical Records Location and Interpretation
  • Accurate Person Identification
  • Identifying Most Recent Common Ancestors (MRCA)
  • A Final Demonstrating Your Ability To Find and Document An Unknown Person From Start To Finish

Core areas of instruction via 114 Video and Audio Sessions Plus Live Learning In:

  • Genealogy Foundations
  • Genetics Foundations
  • Biological Family Casework
  • Law Enforcement Casework
  • Privacy, Ethics, & Psychology
  • Expert Report Writing
  • Resume Preparation, Client Skills, and Interviewing
  • Twice Monthly, Optional, Live Group Q & A Zoom Sessions With Christine
  • Certificate Of Completion Documenting Your Competency
  • Meet The Application Standards For The Forensic Genetic Genealogy FGG® Designation

Generous Live Support and Real-Time Feedback:

  • Twice Monthly, Optional, Live Group Q & Q Zoom Sessions With Christine
  • Personalized, Real-Time, Video Feedback On Assignments

The Complete Program Includes:

What Others Say...

"After weighing my options for entry into this relatively new and very exciting field, I ultimately chose the Forensic Genetic Genealogy Certificate Program created and taught by Christine Burke. Now that I am halfway through the program, I know I made the right decision.
Christine’s program is unique in so many ways. Since it is online and completely self-paced, I am able to complete lessons and assignments at my own speed, as time permits. This has allowed me to continue working, raising my family, and taking time off to help my elderly mother when needed, without the risk of “falling behind” in my studies. Christine provides unparalleled one-on-one attention, taking time with every assignment I turn in to provide constructive feedback almost immediately. When she says it is self-paced, it truly is SELF-paced…she is never the one slowing the process down! This reinforces the culture of accountability and self-reliance that she encourages and demands from her students. At the same time, as much as completing the certificate is a solo exercise, Christine has created a virtual “campus” for her students: biweekly zoom meetings and a community posting site allow us to ask questions, share information, and hear about the ways in which FGG is evolving in real time.
Perhaps the most important distinction Christine’s program offers is real-world case studies for her students to work, the kind of hands-on experience that allows her students to KNOW they have the necessary research skills to reach correct conclusions as expeditiously as possible. With her law enforcement background, Christine has a unique perspective in the field, recognizing the issues that chain-of-custody can present and infusing her curriculum with the methodical processes necessary to stand up in court. Christine’s curriculum tackles every facet of FGG, not just the genetic genealogy itself: she covers everything from the ethical, legal, and privacy concerns involved to the how-to’s of writing reports, building skillsets, and setting up a successful business. I feel absolutely confident that the program is preparing me for the career I’ve always wanted but until recently couldn’t have envisioned." Suzanne A., NY
"As I was looking into genetic genealogy programs, Christine’s program stood out because of her rich background in law enforcement. Her knowledge of court proceedings and investigation techniques, as well as her experience working in the field, sealed the deal for me. Christine has a no-nonsense approach to her coursework and her instruction. She boils information down to its essence and gets to the point. Her twice monthly live calls keep us up to date on current events and give us the assistance that we need on our assignments. In addition, Christine’s platform for her instruction has one area for the class modules and one area for class members (as well as Christine) to post current articles, share ideas, and ask questions. Christine is also readily available via the chat function on her platform. When I initially messaged her to show interest in the program, she answered me within two hours on a Sunday morning. Her communication and attention to detail is second to none, and the value that I have gotten from the course is unparalleled." Kara R., IL

Your Instructor, Christine Burke

Christine is a working Forensic Genetic Genealogist - FGG(TM), law enforcement expert, trainer and private investigator.

She is a trusted, ethical, credible, investigative expert with over 25 years in investigations and over 6 years as a FGG.

After experiencing "DNA Drama" resulting in the almost complete loss of her identity as she knew it she created an innovative process using Genetic Genealogy to help police and people quickly and easily identify persons of interest such as suspects, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and more!

Christine is also an award-winning private investigator and decorated police officer who is grateful to have been featured on Investigation Discovery, Phoenix's ABC & Fox, Reno's ABC, Trimark Pictures, The Family Twist Podcast, the Ex-Job Podcast and more. '

She trains police personnel on how to use genetic genealogy to solve cases and actively works on both law enforcement and biological family identification cases daily. She works within the bounds of the law and the constitution.

Through her books, training courses, and  LIVE events, Christine has inspired hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to easily unleash their power to get the answers they need! 

Christine has proven that it doesn't matter your age, your background or how many resources you have...if you have passion and a little creativity and imagination, you can have what you seek!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Long Does It Take To Finish The Program?

The program is self-paced, so you can go at your own speed. We typically see students complete the learning in two to four months. We have students that have attended full-time and also those that are working a regular job or caring for family at home. It's totally up to you! Go as fast as you want and start today!

What Are The Requirements To Take The Program?

There are no requirements, just your paid tuition. We've had completely inexperienced students who just want to help and experienced genealogists and genetic genealogists who have worked as Search Angels. All you need is a desire to learn!

How Do I Get Support If I Need Help?

You are NOT in this alone!We have monthly, optional, live, group video calls with your instructor. We also have a private community where you can get support from other current students, the instructor, and our graduates. We also have email support and an in-school messaging system.

How Does This Compare To College Courses?

Our Certificate program is similar to a trade school. You'll gain experience and technical skills in genetic genealogy and there are no prerequisites like some colleges or universities. Our class also includes real world cases and offers an internship, giving you demonstrable experience and support as you transition to the real world so you are comfortable with your skills and your direction.

Is There An Advantage With This Program In Being Hired?

"For some organizations, proving you can do the work is enough to get you the job without a degree. Recently many leading companies have changed their mindset about requiring degrees, including Google, Netflix, Tesla, IBM, Penguin Random House, Bank of America, Hilton, and Apple. In fact, nearly half of Apple’s U.S. workforce includes people without four-year degrees."**

What Is The Return On My Investment?

Genetic genealogy is an emerging technology for law enforcement and others. There are numerous commercial companies that currently supply FGG services to police. and many departments are starting to hire civilian personnel to help them do this work in house. There are an estimated 18,000+ LE agencies across the U.S. and some of these are starting to contract directly with vendors.


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